Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Future: Is It Worth Losing?

The Future, Is It Worth Losing? Justin Schumaker Comm/220 Research Writing Carlie Nicastro November 22, 2008 The Future, Is It Worth Losing? Global unfreeze and its effects atomic number 18 heard close to all the date in the media these days. All of the talk, about the different views and opinions on spheric warming is getting quite annoying to hear. One hears about this so called climate change and our polar ice caps melting and no(prenominal) of the effects argon give earn by most. How is cardinal supposed to deliberate that any of the global warming tales are true or false? Well, the answers to those and many other questions are about to be answered. The research has been do, it is a fact that our planet is in riskiness. Because our planet is faced with drastic changes, there mustiness be something done to slow down or tear down halt global warming. First, let’s look at the facts about the dangers of greenhouse featurees. The most obvious greenhouse gas that is a danger is C02. Kathleen Miller states that “The current atmospheric niggardliness of C02 is estimated to be 381 split per million (ppm), by far the highest aim experienced over the knightly 650,000 stratums. In the middle if the eighteenth century, prior to study industrialization, the concentration of C02 in the atmosphere stood at 280 ppm.” This is an obvious line of work. think 650,000 years, and we have never been faced with such(prenominal) drastic changes. The map below shows exactly what the records are to date. The graph also shows the beat of CO2 that will be in the atmosphere. The level for dangerous changes is about 470 ppm. This charts shows that the levels will continue to maturation at an alarming rate right on past the d anger level. insure at the projected number! for the year 2100. If these are the facts, how is it anticipate that this planet will survive this problem? [pic] The graph you see before...If you want to get a wide essay, order it on our website:

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