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The Regulatory & Ethical Environment of Business

Incorporated In Wall or with a physical presence In Wall) to recap in an original term paper. The student must coer at a minimum 3 of the following 7 topics (2) What type of en detractory is this product line (e. G. LLC, for-profit entity, nonprofit entity, etc. ) and why is that the best choice for this business? (1) How does the equines address ethical or moral issues? (5) What surroundal issues does the business deal with? (3) If the business develops, sells or differently deals with consumer products, how does the business ensure product safety? (4) Does the business engage in advertising? If so, why? Further, how does it find out what type of advertising best suits Its purposes? (6) What employment Issues has the business faced? 7) What type of steps does the business tackle to Meltzer discrimination both within and outside the workplace? Papers will be graded on thoroughness and concepts covered in the textbooks. Students may conduct inquiry of the business however they see fit, though it is strongly suggested that the student interview or former(a)wise correspond with a contact person or persons connected with the chosen business. Papers must be double spaced, typed in size 12 Times unexampledly Roman font with 1 inch margins. The paper must be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 12 pages. MGM-6020-E, 6020?The Regulatory & Ethical Environment of Business Term Paper Hallelujah solar (http//www. Holidaymakers. Mom/) length of exis hug drugce in Hawaii and a description of Hawaii-based activities (particularly f you atomic number 18 application a national chain business) Hallelujah solar named after a monolithic shield vol cano that forms more than than 75% of the Hawaiian Island of Maim. The story of the company is not what one would expect. It did not start with a massive research or a group or pro environmental scientist. It all started back in the asss, Hallelujah Solar founder, Jim Whitlock,working as a plumber at a golf course, came home after a hard day of work, ready for a nice shower and realized he had no sweltry water. He called his landlord, and told him all the water he was getting was cold. Mr.. Toby, a long-time local, came over and pointed to a box on the roof and exclaimed in his broken English, No more sun, no more gamy water. Mr..Toby went on to explain how the home-made device, copper tubes sandwiched between old window panes connected to a water tank posing on a rotting wooden stand, intentiond the sun to bring forth hot water. Jim touched the tubes and pulled presently back from the heat. The proverbial light bulb went off in his head. Holy cow, this actually works, he thought. And that was it. Jims solar free null Journey had begun. Keep in mind back then he was a long-h billeted hippie surfer, involved in environmental exertions like Save Our Surf, a group dedicated to preserving reefs and pristine shorelines from unscrupulous developers. In a weird twist of fate, here he is socio-ec onomic classs later, using inspiration he got from an amateur backyard inventor, still helping the environment and along with it, thousands of other lives as well.However, despite the free spirited image Jim was no slacker he was mechanically inclined and goodness with his hands. It took Jim 60 days to build a solar system prototype whilst working a day Job. This was no small feat considering this was before well-nigh people owned a computer let alone heard of the internet. He spent most of his extra time in the local library doing research and experimenting with different materials and products and scourtually developed an efficient working solar hot water system. The members of the sens dissimilar the members of partnership or the proprietors of a business are financially liable for the debts of the organization only up to the extent of their orderments (Pig 152 Shaw). 977, Jim officially started his solar company, Hallelujah Resources Inc. During the asss, due to the ve getable oil censor in the Middle East, crude prices arise dramatically. Environmental awareness overly emerged at this time and the ambition of the two triggered tremendous interest in alternative ways to create talent. Solar was a major recipient of this newfound interest and the building block manufacturing took off. Due to the professionalism and integrity of Jim and his services, the now- named Hallelujah Solar quickly became the largest solar company in Maim, stilltually other islands and soon they were installing systems all over the utter. In the mid asss, Jim started experimenting with solar cells, creating electricity.With fuel prices unendingly rising, and photovoltaic technology prices dropping, he envisioned a true in which people would set up their own small electric companies. In observing the incredible growth of solar electric today, we can conclude he was right. Hallelujah Solar has been in business for over 35 years and has installed over ten thousand sol ar energy systems with satisfied customers all over the state of Hawaii. They believe servicing systems is ripe as important as installing them. They are a one- stop shop and service anything solar energy related. Hallelujah Solar truly stands behind their work, and are one of the few solar companies in the state to name been round long enough to actually back up a 25 year warranty. What type of entity is this business (e. G.LLC, for-profit entity, nonprofit entity, etc. ) and why is that the best choice for this business? When we think of gage we naturally think of giants such as General Motors, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft or Walter, which exert enormous influence over our economy and society. But the local independently owned convenience store may be a corporation. (pig 1 52 Shaw). Jim Whitlock knew that if he to deplete any kind of success he submited to create a corporation. Corporation has many advantages that suited this reticular situation. First of all the expansion positi onor a non-for-profit entity has harder time Justifying expansion since its goal is not r eveningue generation but rather its mission.Its not the fact that Non-For-Profit organization cannot generate revenue, actually a lot of them do (For example NCAA (National College Athletic Association)), it is the fact that it cannot use revenues to invest in it ego. Revenues of non-for-profit organization usually distributed to shareholders as dividends or invested in projects. Non-for-profit cannot retain profits for self investment. Jim Whitlock had the sights et on expansion and needed the profits and revenues to be invested back into the corporation. So that he can die hard downturns in business and have enough financial leverage to expand. Non-for-profit usually relies on donations as the principal(prenominal) contribution, Corporations are relied on investors as the main source of contribution.Being an investor is more lucrative than being a donor. With corporation it is easier to get findings not only from people who want to succeed with you but to a fault from financial institutions. If a corporation is generating revenue financial institutions are more inclined to give loan or drive an investor. The idea of making money appeals more to the banks rather donations Go figure. Last but not least the Non-for-profit impose take inment for compliance are tedious and time consuming not to mention relentless regulations code Jim Whitlock needed to focus on the companys development and its growth instead of trying to comply with administration activity activity requirements.These are the prominentgest reasons why Corporation was the right path for Hallelujah corporation rather than the path of non for profit. One of the most important legal benefits is the proprietors and general partners in a partnership are personally and Jointly expandible for all the liabilities of a business such as loans, accounts payable, and legal Judgments. In a corporation, however, stockholders, directors and officers typically are not liable for the companys debts and obligations. There is this quote in the book The problem, of course, is that they are not human beings. Or to quote Lord Thrown an eighteenth-century lawyer, how can you expect a corporation to have a conscience, when it has no soul to be damned and no body to be kicked(pig 154 Shaw).The fact is that these types of corporations do have souls because it starts tit one mans idea and that man wants to see his idea come to fruition, to grow and to materialize. To start something from basically adjust with Just an idea a person needs to invest time, a person needs to invest resources and most importantly his soul. The corporation is a shield for personal assets to minimize the already enormous chance a person is taking. Such shield allows the company to grow and obtain the work force discriminating that the corporation Just like a person can be braised or blamed, even punished for the decisions m anagement makes and the policies management undertakes. 1) How does the business address ethical or moral issues?The 1973 oil crisis started in October 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries or the OPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo. By the end of the embargo in March 1974, the price of oil had risen from US $3 per barrel to nearly $12. This was the light up up call to search for alternative energy source. A lot of articles was posted on the federal official agency of solar technology. Jim Whitlock recognized the niche need for solar big businessmaned heaters and decided to turn an idea into mankind and in turn o profit. Pollution and the depletion of natural resources are two aspects of the same problem both(prenominal) involve using up natural resources that are limited.Pollution uses up clean air and water, Just as extraction uses up the minerals or oil in the ground (pi g 244 Shaw). However, here we have something that is free and interpreted for granted Sunlight. Hallelujah Corporation uses sunlight as its primary resource and converts it to heat and electricity the added bonus is no pollution created. In fact studies have confirmed that in the long run installing solar powered equipment reduces cost to he consumer in the long run. Those costs are not only monetary but also environmental since no additional pollution generated there is no additional cost to improve the environment. The cost of cleaning up pollution Cost can include time, effort, discomfort, and lost opportunities (pig 248 Shaw).Since solar industry does not generate extra pollution it saves everyone a lot of time, effort, discomfort and lost opportunities. The seven-day the solar technology is used the more indirect benefit it generates. roughlything that deserves to be mentioned a lot of organisation findings are spent falls into this category. The incentive for solar indus try actually comes from two levels the State and The federal both offer tax income credits if consumer or a company decides to take a greener route. some(prenominal) the state of Hawaii and the US federal government offer generous tax credits for new solar photovoltaic system installations. The state of Hawaii also gives tax credits for solar hot water systems.These incentives dramatically lower the cost of purchasing and installing a solar system and have fueled the abundant wave of interest in the last several years for solar energy in Hawaii. We thought we would explain how these tax credits work in order for you to start to discover how you can take advantage of them. Now lets get into the specifics the federal government gives a 30% tax credit on the cost of equipment and installation of a solar photovoltaic system and applies to all systems displace into service before December 31, 2016. The Hawaii Energy Tax Credit allows solar customers to claim an income tax credit of 35% of the cost of equipment and installation of a solar hot water system.So here we have a savings of 30% from federal and 35% from state on top of this we have a long term savings on the cost of electricity and indirect benefit of no pollution being generated. Utilitarianism is the moral doctrine that we should always act to produce the greatest possible balance of good over bad for everyone affected by our actions (pig 48 Shaw). With so many reason for the use of solar technology there is no moral or ethical counter argument against it. So what is place back ?. It is hard to get over the initial investment. Even with all the tax credits solar investment still has a hefty price tag. It is a big investment for a set class person to shell out for a system that has tendency to be unreliable. That brings us to the next hurdle unreliability.Even though in this day an age this is almost a non issue because of storage batteries and much more efficient ways to store energy which is b eing unused. Solar energy does heavily hope on the sun and some parts of the world (other than Hawaii) sun is seasonal and inconsistent so even with all the incentives it is unpractical in some parts of the world. Last but not least, solar technology does require maintenance once in a while, the solar panels do get dusty and dirty and they need to be hosed off. Not everyone has the physical agility to climb the roof so additional expense is squired to maintain it. What environmental issues does the business deal with? The Hallelujah solar Inc is the futures answer to the present day pollution.We live in a time when its apparent that the use of energy that comes from the combustion of fogy fuels is something that needs to be left in the past, because these sources of energy are not endless and they have quite a negative impact on our Earths delicate CEO-system. William T. Blackstone, have gone further to argue that each of us has a right to a livable environment. In Blackstone view, this is a human right. Each person has the right qua being human and because a livable environment is essential for one to fulfill his human capacities This right has emerged as a answer of well as the possibility of realizing other human rights (page 245 Shaw). Solar power is an efficient, CEO-friendly, and endless source of energy that does not have the negative effects on our environment.Yet despite the availability of alternative sources most of the power used in the United States is made from dirty fossil fuels including coal, gas, and oil. Once fossil fuels are burned-over to generate energy, they Anton be reused and we have to find more to create more energy. The search for more fossil fuels is only going to become more dangerous and expensive. Ecosystem which refers to a total ecological community, both victuals and nonliving. Webs of interdependence structure ecosystems. Predators and prey, producers and consumers, hosts and parasites are linked, creating interlocking m echanisms checks and balances that stabilize the system. (page 243 Shaw).Pollution is a cancer that is slowly eating out-of-door at the entire ecosystem. Slowly corroding the interlocking mechanism and destroying the checks and balances. Air pollution causes damage to crops, animals, forests, and bodies of water. It also contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from the suns UP rays. Another negative effect of air pollution is the formation of acid rain, which harms trees, soils, rivers, and wildlife. Some of the other environmental effects of air pollution are haze, transportation, and global climate change. Pollution also has a direct effect on human that becomes apparent and burdensome during our lifetime.Air pollution can cause long-run and short-term health effects. Its found that the elderly and nouns children are more affected by air pollution. Short-term health effects include eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, allergic reaction s, and upper respiratory infections. Some long-term health effects are lung cancer, brain damage, liver damage, kidney damage, heart disease, and respiratory disease. The sun is a huge source of free, natural and renewable power. Using solar power can help offset energy generated from fossil fuels. About half the electricity in the U. S. Comes from burning coal, which releases toxic emissions, such as northward oxide, sulfur dioxide, and heavy metals like mercury.Using solar electricity reduces our dependence on coal, thus decreasing babys room gases and pollution. Energy produced from green sources, like solar, will help reduce our dependence on imported energy. Solar power can be generated cleanly and safely in the United States, where Jobs can be created in sales, installation, and engineering. In addition, home solar provides freedom from electricity rate increases and power outages. Here in Hawaii, this is even more critical as all of our oil is imported leaving us vulnerable to volcanic worldwide fluctuations in the prices of crude oil. By going solar, you can edge the risk of fluctuating oil prices.Hallelujah Solar helps fight against the ongoing pollution by offering a substitute energy source. aside from the obvious benefit to the environment Solar company does offer something immediate to an individual such as tax credit. The government sees the benefit to not only get rid of dependence on unconnected resources but also the need to take care of the environment. A lot of incentives were offered to the make money destroying the environment can there be a profitable business that benefits the environment. Apparently it can Solar industry has been gaining a lot of round people are feeling to save money and governments are looking to reduce the cost of pollution and to reduce the indirect cost of foreign resource dependency. Social responsibleness and environmental sustainability are core business competencies not a fringe activities (page 245 Shaw) Conclusion and final thoughts, which may include a global view of what youve discovered about the business, what the future likely holds for the business, etc A solar industry is finally getting its time in the sun. When I began the research I was curious in the industry and what it had to offer. With todays rising prices in oil and gas you are forced to look for alternatives. This year on may 9th president Obama stressed the need for US to find alternative energy source and plight 2 billion dollars to solar industry. Executive actions that will drive investments in solar energy upgrades for government and private sector buildings, improve appliance efficiency standards, strengthen commercial building codes, encourage advance(a) financing, and create Jobs by developing a skilled solar workforce. (Washington Post, may 9th). A lot of big corporations such as Apple and Kea are taking a chance on horrify energy and installing it at their locations. First of all there are incentives such as tax credits which save money for corporations in the short run. Second of all, there are saving incentives in the long run since the companies dont have to pay so much for traditional forms of energy. Third of all, it is a rightfully great publicity stunt which can go a long way with investors. So the government is curious about the future of solar technology, the corporations are curious about yet the public dust blind.

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Value chain and globalization Essay

IntroductionThe process of corporate life is al slipway a ocean change and some clips there ar high tides and some propagation are quiet times. Day to daytime companies are faced with new ch totallyenges, whether it be a consolidated cheek or a microscopical logical argument just starting, always emerging issues that affect their behavior and their performance. Owing to the consequences of an impressive development of engineering science and globalisation that we are living in this age. Nowadays are faster changes, new challenges threaten poorly survival of organizations, new foreign competitors, mobilization of capitals, difficulties in retaining human capital and changing technologies are elements that require managers to be prepared for change and have major power to spark off employees in order to have uninterrupted renewal. Micro and small enterprise dominated industries have been some(prenominal) threatened and provided with advantages as a outcome of dynamic trend s related to globalization (Kula et al., 2006). Value range of mountains is not only to implement new circumspection models that ultimately prove to be only uncertain.However, management of change consists of lay claim advantage of changes in business environment for the inte take a breath of the organization. That is why companies should not only be flexible, but also managers should develop a keen sense to anticipate change therefore companies will be able to get hold of to be at the forefront. According to Porter (1998) Activities provide the bridge between strategy and implementation. When strategy was defined in terms of broad positioning concepts, a clear separation between strategy and structure was purposeful and useful. Innovation is everywhere and organizations that are not renewed will hardly be able to survive. Firstly, it should be noted that the purpose of this essay is that I want to explain what is the foster chain, its rival to the companies and the impact of globalization to the value chain. Afterwards, I will explain the following s even out major issues have had signifi abidet impact of globalization on the value chain.History of the value chain and consistingFirst of all, the value chain is a theoretical model to describe the development of the activities of a business generating value to the final customer. The value chain was described by Michael Porter. He defines thevalue as the sum of the perceived benefits customer receives of low be to acquire and use product or service Value is the amount buyers are willing to pass for what a firm provides them. Value is measured by total revenue, a reflection of the price a firms product commands exceed the cost involved in creating the product. (Porter 1998). At the same time value chain is essentially a form of analysis of business through which a caller-out is split up into their constituent lead offs, and we can seeking to identify sources of advantage. Simultaneously, it is creatin g the competitive advantage that is achieved when fellowship develops and integrates activities of its value chain less expensive and better variousiated than their competitors.Therefore value chain of a company is formed by all its added value generating activities and the margins they contribute Competitive advantage in regard to products and service takes two possible forms. The commencement ceremony is an offering or differentiation advantage. I f customers perceive a product or service as superior, they become more willing to pay a subsidy price relative to the price they will pay for competing offerings. The second is a relative low-cost advantage, which customers ingest when companys total costs undercut those of its average competitor (San Miguel, 1996). Sometimes change times in business can generate fear, but beyond fear, managers must generate within their companies the ability to bring about change. When it comes to making changes to the companies and this usually means the introduction of new procedures, staff or ways of working that directly affect those around the organization employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers.Therefore managers have two options to deal with the changes. The first option is intimidated by the changes and remaining still or the second option is to understand what is leaving on, develop strategies and implementation to deal with change. Competitive Advantage provides the architecture for describing and assessing strategy, linking it to company behavior, and understanding the sources of competitive advantage. It provides the introduction needed to go deeper. (Porter 1998)According to Kula (2006), Globalization is a process by which people, companies, goods and services, capital and education and ideas are exchanged across international boundaries, is shaping opportunities for growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. In the current contextof globalization, the trend toward merging business grows inc reasingly harder. Therefore, it is very important to cooperation of all employees of organization in a chain and they sharing common vision for business quickly translate into triumph factors. Where employees are involved to this vision therefore they will be more productive and more collaborative mechanisms bind them to other actors in the chain, the greater the chance of survival and progress towards economic development processes.Moreover, companies be to fence with other companies in the same country and in the same way, companies of the same country move to compete with companies in other countries a cause of globalization. Therefore, competition among global companies are strongly and should sustain highest level of professional competence and for this reason heads of companies should pick out as renew companies every day to kindle high return. A good example about this information is the competence between Procter and Gamble and Unilever both are global companies and bo th offer similar products. In the case of my country In Mexico are both companies all(prenominal) one have both have braggart(a) factories and corporate offices the number of employees is large and both have many processes to manufacture both products, as well as quality and administrative. chief executive officers of each company must be updated on how to improve processes in each part of the business, the should evaluate the process and trying to reduce as many errors and waste in order to offer the best products and the best price cheaper for the end customer.So also promote more featuring your product compared with the rest of their competition, as to promote values, social responsibility, brand linkage and sometimes prizes and raffles. Another key point, managers of big companies kip down that linking brand starts when people are young children and this is why, one of their main sector of society are children. Because marketers know that if a child comes to impregnate a bra nd in in their childhood, they will take for all their life and therefore they will transmit to their offspring in the future. I see this reflected in my case, since I always prefer to drink Coke when I am eating and I never care Pepsi since my childhood, this is because since my childhood always drank Coca-Cola by the influence of my mother.To date I still drink coke, this is an example of how a global company that has implemented the value chain in their structural processes relevant their product has do in my life. For a firm to achieve superiordifferentiation, it must utilize the best mix of resources in creating value for its customers. In order to prioritize its processes as sources of differentiation, a company must determine what attributes of each process enhance customer value (San Miguel 1996).ConclusionIn addition, to doing this research, I could find relevant information about the significant role that is playing the value chain into companies. The purpose of the essa y is to provide sound judgment the role that could be obtained in business when is used the value chain process in the different departments of a company. The administration of change is of great importance, since it allows control of the transformation process. but in most organizations even greater challenge is managing change so that through leadership can attack low productivity, motivate the actions needed to alter behavior in a meaningful way and make the change take root in infusing culture and values of the business. It is of primary importance that business leaders must be updated and catch up on new models and theories about management, change and value chain.To be able to compete with the variety of existing competitors in business territory. In Conclusion, there is no possibility that organizations can achieve competitive goals, if the people who are not found suitable from the point of view of training and attitudes, to acquit on. In essence, organizations today empha size the ability of leaders to manage their staff. Therefore, people will go to those who can prove they have the will and capacity to meet their needs, enhancing their strengths and improving their skills. Thus man becomes the protagonist of the supremacy of any business strategy.ReferencesSan Miguel, J, 1996, Value chain analysis for assessing competitive Advantage. Institute of Management Accountants. Canada. Staying competitive in the global economy (2008) Secretary-General of the OECD

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It Is Better to Be the Eldest Child Than the Youngest One in the Family Essay

Mr. Chairman, honorable judges, misguided members of the opposition, and members of the floor Good day to all. Standing here today on this breezy morning as the third speaker for the proposition, I wish to continue where my team-mates left moody to correct the misleading information presented by the opposition.For instance, the second member of the opposition claimed that the youngest pip-squeak leave behind be treated more leniently than the others. Now, is this an advantage? By being treated too leniently, the child major power think that his misbehavior is perfectly acceptable. Ever heard of the expression Spare the rod and spoil the child? It is true. With let out strict and loving discipline, a beloved child might end up being the scurrilous sheep of the family. Now, the opposition contends that it is an advantage to be spoilt in this way. How can this be?The opposition has overly pointed out that the youngest child is usually more pampered. I agree. But, again, is this go od? It is indeed enjoyable to be fussed over, pampered and mollycoddled but what pull up stakes this pampered child grow into? It is a maxim that too much or too little is no good Once a pampered child grows up, he will be overly dependent on others, in other words, spineless. Would you like to be this spineless adult? I leave you to decide.Ladies and gentlemen, having straightened out a few delusions of the opposition, I shall present my own points. One of the advantages of being an eldest child is that he is use to being respected and obeyed by his siblings. This is because they know he is wiser and more experienced. This is a good feeling and it creates amply self-esteem. This self-esteem will motivate him to succeed in every aspect of life.Undeniably, the eldest child will shoulder more responsibilities. He will often be left in charge of the young ones. The eldest child is also cast as a role model for the younger ones. Thus, he has to try harder to maintain discipline and a high standard of behavior.The eldest child, having to cope with his siblings antics, will also develop patience. He may have to give in to his siblings because they are too young to attend. Thus, he develops tolerance and understanding of other peoples weaknesses.All these points were described as disadvantages by the opposition. They are only disadvantageous if you are unable to see the long-term benefits. You see, these momentarily trying wad will shape the child and prepare him for the challenges that lie ahead.According to a survey conducted by the root word Ministry, an average of 3 out of 5 successful people corporate leaders, lawyers, politicians were the eldest children in their families. On to my next point, which centers on the word privileges. In most cases, the eldest child will inherit the greater share of the wealth. According to Chinese custom, the eldest son carries on the family name, therefore he deserves a larger share of the property. In monarchies, the e ldest child is the heir to the throne, as in the case of Prince Charles. If you think that the eldest child is only privileged if he belongs to a wealthy family, you are wrong. The distinction is even busy bee in poor families where the eldest child may be the only one whom the family can impart to educate or feed properly.So, there you have it. Clear arguments to demolish the opposition to this motion. And now I hand over to my opponents, to give the sensible ones amongst them a chance to start defecting over to our side. Thank you.

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The Arguments For and Against Giving Sentencing Discounts Where There Essay

The Arguments For and Against Giving Sentencing Discounts Where There is a Guilty confession - Essay ExampleOther arguments against sentencing discounts include the dangers of innocent defendants appeal blameful pop of fear that he or she might be convicted at examination and receive the maximum penalty. It has also been argued, that the practice of permitting a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea is an inducement which is essentially a violation of procedural umpire. 4 This story provides a critical analysis of arguments for and against sentencing discounts in exchange for a guilty plea. After weighing both sides of the argument, this research study agrees that the practice of apportion a reduction in sentencing when a defendant enters a guilty plea should be retained. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part of this paper provides an overview of the practice of sentencing discounting when a defendant pleads guilty. ... However, a parking area the me in practice is the fact that a number of factors influence the magnitude of the discount. Some of the closely common factors is the time when the guilty plea is entered and the extent to which the plea spared vulnerable witnesses the necessity of having to testify. 6 In England and Wales, defendants who plead guilty early on can expect a sentence discount of up to 30 per cent. However, defendants who plead guilty at the start of the trial can expect to receive a smaller discount. The usual discount for a guilty plea at the beginning of a trial is no more than 10 per cent.7 It would therefore appear that the sentencing discounts practice operates as a reward for pleading guilty and foregoing formal adjudication. Although no actual negotiation of sentence is conducted with the judge, the defendant essentially foregoes the rightfield to a formal adjudication in exchange for a reduced sentence.8 Sentencing discounts are not automatic however. For instance in Landy, the Court of Ap peal held that a sentence discount is not guaranteed where a defendant who pleads guilty has been caught red-handed or the evidence against the defendant is overwhelming.9 However, the Court of Appeals ruling appears to contradict the main premise for award a discount in exchange for a guilty plea the efficient administration of justice as it allows the solicits to dispense with a case more quickly and turn its attention to other cases.10 irrespective of whether a defendant is caught red-handed or not or the evidence against him or her is overwhelming, the defendant is entitle to a trial. By pleading guilty, the defendant is waiving his/her right to a fair trial and is freeing the courts calendar

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Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 18

Case Study - Essay ExampleAs crapper be seen from the foodstuff concentration of the sack web browser industry it is majorly covered by two players with Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox cover version 84.7% market overlap. The entry and exit barriers are relatively higher and the product is mostly homogenous crosswise all companies without much differentiation. This suggests an oligopolistic nature of the web browser industry. The companies are dependent upon new(prenominal)s and shall take opposite companies actions and counter-moves of other companies wile making decisions (Melvin and Boyes, 2002).The oligopolistic nature of the web browser industry implies that there is a chance that companies cleverness indulge in collusion to stabilize the market position. In such a situation, the role of arguing Commissions become important to stop the formulation of cartels as it may hinder the harvesting of the market. In the slip of paper of web browser industry, Microsoft is bundling the web browser with its operating sy husk, thereby giving less chances for other players to launch their web browser and earn profits. As a result of the skewed market share of the web browser industry, the smaller players in the market have to try hard to gain market share and find innovative ways of doing the same.The Web Browser Industry has performed exceedingly well with the deck out in the internet and the world wide web. Over the last few years, Google Chrome has shown significant growth in the market share. The growth in the market share of Chrome has resulted in a trickle in the market share of Microsoft web browser. Companies have made new revenue streams such as online marketing.The competition commissions in its decision said that it is necessary for Microsoft to show the browser choice screen. The reason stem from the fact that when the windows is shipped, it is boxed with the internet explorer which roled to many users not making use of other web browser. In order to provide a level playing ground for all the web browser providers, it is necessary

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Proposed Healthcare Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Proposed Healthc are Reform - Essay ExampleIn the state of California unsocial there are more than 2 million people afflicted with the disease, and this number is expected to tolerate two-f experient by 2025. The worst part is that over a quarter of those afflicted do not steady know that they have the disease. The focal point of this aspect of the proposal aims to institute firen strategies in identifying and showing the disease, as well as primary prevention and patient self-management. The spirit behind it is highly altruistic, nevertheless the question is, can a study model for diabetes be truly be effective My sate is that while it is a noble idea, the logistics and groundwork conveyed to pull it kill efficiently may prove to be of detriment in the long run. We must be recognizant of the fact that not all states are as hard hit as California, nor is the economic impact as great. That given, their implementation of any national program may be shaky at best. A good stra tegy for the Schwarzenegger administration would be to develop a state-centric program at first, that way the execution and process control of the campaign would be better executed. Given the overdue attention given to this issue, just how much money could be saved According to the American Diabetes Association, indirect costs due to diabetes cost $58 billion in 2007, with more than 15 million work days absent and 120 million work days with lessen performance among others. 2 Include the savings in direct medical costs, do the math, and given the volumed number of patients in California that amounts to billions of dollars that could be facilitated towards the further development of the state. Another pressing issue which was highlighted was the need to address the issue of medical errors and wellness care acquired infections. This problem unduly compromises the health of patients, lowers the general health of patients and gravely increases health cost expenditures.3 So what are t he possible solutions offered Among others, the plan proposes that electronic prescribing would be need of all providers and facilities by 2010 in order to prevent adverse drug events. Now what are the pros and cons of electronic prescribing For one, it is considered the best hope towards cutting health care costs in the years to come. According to an constancy study, a widespread shift towards the practice would save the government as much as $29 billion over a 10-year period4. Not only that, it would eliminate the avenue for fraud and misuse of the old manual recommendations as stricter monitoring instruments could be put in place to prevent drug abuse. On the flipside, not many physicians are jumping at the chance for electronic prescriptions ,as widespread apprehension and scruple over the technology deli really is present. And not all doctors are technology-savvy, specially in the more agrestic areas. So if ever the plan were to be implemented, a lack of uniformity in terms of compliancy may be present. So would these strategies be sufficient in alleviating the aforementioned issues In my opinion, these are very noble and well-researched strategies and should be given a long hard look. We are all riding the rock of the future, and the time has come for us to take drastic, aggressive measures if we are to prevent the collapse of the entire health care system. Overall, the health plan proposal of the governor provides a decent framework to build off for future legislation.

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Studying Broadcast Media. What Is The Difference Between Game Shows Essay

Studying Broadcast Media. What Is The Difference amongst Game Shows Like portion Or No Deal And The Weakest Link - Essay ExampleAt present, distinction among two genres is getting blurred as candor television shows are mingled with these forms, thus presenting to the reference a grainy show experience with all elements of emotional appeal associated with reality TV (Holmes, 2006, p.53). mid-nineties have experienced a shift from the conventional adoption of US ground television programmes in the UK broadcast media. After success of Who wants to be a Millionaire? (ITV, 1998-) British television paved the way for saucily innovative programmes in quiz genre especially The Weakest Link (2000 - ) as well as Deal or No Deal (Channel 4, 2005-). Both these shows being originally produced in UK helped TV industry to regress massive revenues by exporting the concept abroad. Game shows and quiz programmes have the inclination towards intermingling two pretty different genres in a singl e show Deal or No Deal the furiousness is laid on the relation between the participants all integrated against a single banker making the stage of the show half like a lottery game and half like a reality TV(Holmes,2006). The Weakest Link was produced by BBC. The emergence of this programme changed the quiz show genre in terms of game structure as tone of compeer was totally opposite to the traditional change, being more compressed (Holmes, 2008, p.109). ... The programme has been able to attract audience as questions motivate people to think that they also office be able to answer them. The concept of chain links is well anticipated but ramped determine could be more influential is value gap is increased between two consecutive links. The basal serious outlook of Anne Robinson adds interesting element to an otherwise predictable show format(UK Game Shows, 2010). Deal or No Deal format can either make contests millionaires or they have to leave dispatch handed thus al l depend on the risk choices they make during playtime. The show had its origin by the Dutch production center named Endemol with first telecast in Netherlands in the year 2002. The show is broadcasted by Cheetah Television West, previously renowned as Endemol West of Channel 4. First programme was aery on October 31, 2005 and the show is in progress till date . The format of Deal or No Deal was then reproduced in almost forty countries encompassing United States (Holmes, 2008, p.27). British television media exported format of The Weakest Link to Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia (Waisbord, 2004, p.361). Deal or no Deal gained international fame in 2006, better public interest in game shows but still it did not threaten the popularity of knowledge based games (Holmes, 2008, p.55). In a broad sense both these programmes belong to the reality television. This genre make occasion of unscripted drama created on screen, in spite of professional actors, ordinary people particip ate in a contest situation where some monetary rewards are in store for the winner. Common scheduling formats include game and quiz shows (Hill, 2005, p.41). There exists a clear