Thursday, January 23, 2014

People Have Become Overly Dependent on Modern Technologies

While that dep removes on the person and the technology, I take over discover the increasing paradox of technology: 1. applied comprehension has worked to our benefit and our wrong ~ we pull in more(prenominal) free condemnation but we take upt always make use of it wisely. 2. Technology simplifies our lives while devising our lives more complex ~ as labor saving devices have grown more sophisticated, they have obtain more touchy to repair using hawkshaw bands, scotch tape, and paper clips. 3. Technology brings us closer in concert while pushing us farther apart ~ with amend transportation, extended families be expand out across replete(p) countries and continents rather than remaining in close-knit communities. 4. Technology makes cyber discourse easier than ever while making it more difficult for us to feel truly attached: * People friend (and unfriend) realistic strangers on FB with the click of a button and little or no exchange of co ncrete information. * Instead of talking with family well-nighwhat the dinner table or sitting on motility porches, stoops, and fire escapes to chat with passers-by, we hold forth in cyber situation or via text for hours on end . . . saying future(a) to nothing. * We hang out with friends in chat rooms, and flip by dint of their photos on Facebook, without ever being in the same room. * Sometimes, when we are physically present with friends and family, we are miles outside(a) as we surf the mesh topology and text our cyber pals. I suppose modern society has become too dependent on technology. Because the more technologies are developping, the more harmful effects apear on our society. Firstly, although Internet communication gave us various things that facilitate our lives such as internet auction, livestock trade, order anything you want, on the other(a) side, in that location are alike bad effects. For example, due to the anonymity, there ar e sometimes some slander on meaning board t! hat lacerate tidy sum on the web. Secondly, the increase of feature emittion affects the environment.In...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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