Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stop Stereotypes

Stop Stereotypes One would think that since were living in the 21st century we have moved on from issues such(prenominal) as racism, sexism, and religious segregation, but this is not the case with like a shots society. This past week, a horrifying event occurred which had an mend on both Ameri shadowers as well as Muslims. A viral YouTube clip was released which was called Innocence of Muslims. Although looking at the reliever iodin would think it is a short movie power Islam, but in actuality it was a misleading headline which mocked oracle Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) numerous times. This hypocritical video enraged some(prenominal) Muslims in Libya to fight on impact, which took the life of the US ambassador Chris Stevens and triple other embassy leaders in Benghazi. The embassy building was burned fine-tune to the core due to the intended hatred acts of an anti-Muslim Ameri freighter music director named Alan Roberts. As a result, the killings led the majority o f speed to stomp all Muslims, once again, as violent and untamed terrorists, average like how the categorization started on September 11th, 2001. This is just cardinal example of categorizing a group in to a stereotype. I believe in discontinuing all forms of stereotypes, because the substantial criterion of race is humanity. If I were to commit a crime, then the media would interpret not only me, but my entire race as a bad people. That is like saying if one inglorious individual robs a store, all blacks are thugs, if one blonde doesnt comprehend something, all blondes are dumb, if one Chinese achieves an A+, all Chinese people are intelligent. How can one so easily believe that an individual can demonstrate a whole race for actions that he/she solely committed? For example, when I see a news duct showing a crime issue, I seem to notice a lot that the TV media broadcasts the suspects ethnicity or religion, the question I implore to myself is why? Is it so viewers can delay protrude for people of that race! ? Is it so viewers leave stimulate hateful of that race? Is it so...If you want to get a serious essay, order it on our website:

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