Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This case study is regarding 2 employees workingss under a man known as Jim Clark. One goes by the rend in of broadside Hopkins and the another(prenominal), magic trick Parducci. They both suck been with the company for oer a period of time and argon working at the alike level of the organization and assuming the same department. However, lodge Hopkins walked into office one day and has discovered that throne Parducci has unspoiled gotten him self some new furniture for his office which to Bills knowledge is rewards that should only be have by employees at higher(prenominal) levels of the organization. This sparked anger and jealousy in Bill on with the provocation of the matter from Betty ORourke who is too a young man in the organization. As a result, Bill feels that John has received these perks due to either forbidding mail or round-eyed favoritism. Nonetheless, Bill is unhappy and was non about to let go of the matter. Question 1: On Bills vindication o f the matter, the special treatment that John has received should upset him if in that respect is proof that he has worked as hard as John and has provided outcomes with quality of the same standards or better. However, if Bills apology is based on his assumption of favouritism, and the fact that they both been on similar jobs as long as each other, so he is not justified.
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Question 2: This act of favouritism would have a negative impact on Bill or demotivate him from working hard. According to Maslows theory of demand, a person should observe to be motivated by opportunities for self fulfilment as long as the other require remain satisfied. In this cas! e, Bill can be demotivated because he, wish any other person would want to achieve the higher order needs which are esteem and self actualization needs which he did not obtain despite working the same hours as John. Moreover, by looking at Herzbergs Satisfier factors, which are engraft in job content, such as sense of achievement, recognition, responsibility, furtherance and personal growth and hygiene...If you want to light a adequate essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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