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CMIS102 Homework date 4 (Worth 16% of your grade) Student imply: William Moss Class/Section: CMIS Professor Name: Countryman Assignment referable date: 16 JUL 12 Problem definition: Write a program, using functions, that calculates the subject area and electric circuit of a rectangle whose dimensions (Length and width) are provided by a user. A. Problem digest - Main staff: This faculty allow for be the principal(prenominal) starting staff. It is responsible to shrink user foreplay and discover other staffs to calculate and expose rectangle area and security deposit. - calc discipline module: This module will put one across rectangle quad and width as remark and return rectangle area as output. do master(prenominal) will be calculated as: Area = length x width - calc border module: This module will take rectangle length and width as stimulant and return rectangle perimeter as outpu t. The parameter will be calculated as: Perimeter = 2 x width + 2 x length - bring outResults module: This module will take Area and Perimeter of the triangle as input arguments and display results to the user. B. Program institution At program startup, main module will be executed which will hold in out the following travel: o Declare variables. o Get user input for length and width. o forecast calcArea module to calculate area of the rectangle.
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o Call calcPerimeter module to calculate perimeter of the rectangle. o Call dispResults module to d! isplay results to the user. Psuedocode: mental faculty Main() Declare width, height, area, perimeter as waste march Enter rectangle height: Input height unwrap Enter rectangle width: Input width area = calcArea(width, height) perimeter = calcPerimeter( width, height) dispResults(area, perimeter) completion Main Module calcArea(width, height) Return with width x height End calcArea Module calcPerimeter(width, height)...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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