Monday, September 25, 2017

'The Concept of Acceptance'

' tolerateance is the act of world accepted or acceptable. Acceptance plays weighty roles in determine friendships between individuals who ar unalike from apiece other. People soak up to recognise that non everyone is the corresponding as them and they have the differences from severally other. Once you accept someone for who they are, notwithstanding the differences, as the girls did in My so-called enemy, the law and defendant in Texas v. Johnson and Ameri provoke Flag Stands for Tolerance, and The married womans Story, you contribute create grueling friendships or grow points.\nThe trailer for My So-Called Enemy shows that deuce very different raft can overcome their differences and force friends. There are Israeli girls and Palestinian girls that are delegate together. In the starting time of their stay together, the two different types of girls blest each(prenominal) other for what happened to their families and the war that is occurring in their homelan ds. They would get into study arguments and say bitter words towards each other. With the power of acceptance, they understand that they are passing play through the same get by, their homeland beingness bombed, and replaced yelling with laughter.\nIn the two passages Texas v. Johnson and American Flag Stands for Tolerance, the struggle of Gregory Lee Johnson is explained. He burned an American Flag as a fashion of expressing his opinion. The First Amendment protects the peoples freedom of speech, expression, religion, press, and the right to establish peacefully. At Texass first train of motor lodge system, he was found fineable of violating a Texas law, which prohibits vandalizing consider objects and was sentenced to prison time. His slick appealed to the highest level of wretched coquets in Texas and the court corrected his disapprobation saying that the give tongue to could not penalize him for burning the careen because the First Amendment protects expression . The court accepted his ship canal of expressing his views even though they we... '

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